A "HIT squad" of volunteers have refurbished a nursery's garden after it became overgrown during lockdown.

Members of Darlington Rotary decided to help out at Skerne Park Academy, Darlington, after discovering there was no funds to pay for a makeover for the garden, which had become overgrown and neglected during lockdown.

Thirteen members helped trim foliage, refurbish equipment and make the garden safe and attractive for youngsters when they get back to nursery.

Hit Squad leader, Alan Cowie, said: "Rotary has done a number of these projects before, coming to the aid of local organisations and individuals who may need a helping hand.

"This is the first project we have completed since lockdown and it has all been carefully organised and risk assessed so everyone is working individually, all with their own equipment and in the open air.

"We have trimmed the foliage, refurbished and repainted equipment and made the garden attractive and safe again for the youngsters who will use it."

Rotarians were helped by nursery teacher Rebecca Saxton and reception teacher Bryony Grey.

Ms Saxton said: "The Rotarians who came to help are a fantastic group of people. The garden had become tired, overgrown and unsafe for the children to use. We struggled with finances and just couldn’t have done it ourselves. We are overwhelmed by the fact that they wanted to help and couldn’t be more grateful."

Other projects the Hit Squad has undertaken include a garden makeover in Darlington for a man who suffered from locked-in syndrome, work at Elm Ridge Church grounds in Darlington, gardening at Marske Church and work at the Tranquil Gardens at Killerby.

Any appeal for help is carefully checked out first and if appropriate the Hit Squad makes arrangements to help, providing funds for the work.

Darlington Rotary can be contacted through Facebook at Darlington Rotary Club or Twitter @darlrotary.