A QUAD bike was recovered after police used tracking information to trace it and pursue it in a late night chase.

A farmer near Appleton Wiske, north of Northallerton, was alerted to his quad bike being stolen at about 2.15am on Saturday, August 8 after he was notified by a tracking company.

Officers contacted the tracking company, and were able to pass live updates on the quad’s whereabouts to police officers nearby.

The quad was tracked to Saltergill Lane, Yarm, in Cleveland.

A short time later, at about 2.30am, as officers arrived at the scene, the quad was driven directly towards them, and was pursued over paths into bushes.

The quad was later found abandoned in a field, and despite an area search by a police dog and a police drone, no suspects were located.

The quad bike, a red Honda, has been returned to its owner.

It had been stolen by forcing open a locked shutter door.

Forensic enquiries are underway as the investigation into the burglary continues.

Police in North Yorkshire are urging quad bike owners to invest in trackers to protect their vehicles.

Inspector Matt Hagen, of North Yorkshire Police’s rural taskforce, said: “Quite apart from their monetary value, the loss of a quad can have a really significant impact on farms and other rural business.

"The good news is security measures, in particular vehicle trackers, can be extremely effective.”

In light of the theft, people who own quad bikes are urged to check the security of their vehicles.

Police advise owners to fit a GPS tracking device, to park the vehicle as close to their premises as possible, ideally in a locked outbuilding with CCTV and security lighting, and to remove keys when not it use.

They also suggest securing the vehicle with wheel clamps or locking posts and to consider installing an alarm.

Quads should be marked or customised to make them easily identifiable and records should be kept of all vehicles, including photographs and serial numbers.

Officers are asking for anyone who saw suspicious activity in or near Saltergill Lane in Yarm at around 2.30am in the early hours of Saturday, August 8 to get in touch.

Contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting reference 12200136187.