A POLICE Constable from County Durham is to be recognised with a British Citizen Award Medal of Honour in recognition of his extraordinary endeavours.

PC Baker works for Northumbria Police and is passionate about protecting those in the community.

He is also an animal welfare champion within the community, and he has a determination to pursue offenders that cause pain and neglect to animals.

PC Baker’s protection and dedication to community wildlife has resulted in high profile convictions which has saved the lives of many defenceless animals.

To date PC Baker has received a Special Recognition Award from the RSPCA due to his services to animal welfare.

PC Baker has also created an educational programme visiting Primary Schools across Wearside, teaching tomorrow’s generation about positive animal welfare.

This measure will ensure that his mission goes beyond his years as a police officer and will grow into a legacy, inspiring the next generation of animal’s protectors.

PC Baker, 39, said. “I’ve always been an animal lover and grew up having pets – Jasper the rabbit, two stick insects called Dennis and Menace, and a dog called Kelly.

“So it is my dream job to be a wildlife officer and be tasked with pursuing anyone who threatens the welfare of animals.

“I don’t do this for recognition, I do it because I’m passionate about animals and strongly believe those who mistreat or neglect animals should be punished and have their day in court."

He has built up a great partnership with local organisations when the RSPCA requested assistance after receiving a report of an injured horse, Mr Baker worked alongside the RSPCA and obtained a conviction of the owner and the horse fully recovered.

Northumbria Police Chief Constable Winton Keenen led the praise for PC Baker and says he is a ‘deserved recipient’ of the honour.

“I am delighted PC Peter Baker’s efforts are being recognised nationally and that he is to receive this award – it is richly deserved.

“He’s a credit to Northumbria Police, and I’m so glad he’s getting the recognition for all that he does.”

PC Baker will get his British Citizen Award Medal of Honour later this year, subject to the latest restrictions, in a special ceremony hosted by TV presenter Tim Vincent.