We feature some fantastic photographs sent to us by Northern Echo reader John Hill, which you could be forgiven for thinking they were taken during lockdown.

The Northern Echo:

In fact, Mr Hill took these photos of the A1, from Merrybent, near Darlington, not long after it opened. Mr Hill says he thinks the photos may have been taken in the early 1970s, but is not sure. Perhaps you can help out with the dates?

The Northern Echo:

This photo, from our archives, is of Barton station, to the north-west of the village, on the 1870 Merrybent line that ran to the quarries. The passenger station may have been unique in never having sold a ticket to a passenger. In 1965, the A1(M) was opened along the railway line’s trackbed, which had caused the demolition of the station

Perhaps you have got some photos from the past you would like to share? Photos of how an area used to look or photos from a day out. Maybe pictures from your Scout days, Brownies or sports group, a village carnival or special celebration.

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