A DURHAM couple whose wedding was called off due to coronavirus have tied the knot in a drive-thru wedding, which saw them cruise up to the registrar in an Aston Martin and take their vows.

Newlyweds Nicky Wynne-Williams and Shaz Russell, who will soon change her surname to Russell Wynne-Williams, thought they would have to put their wedding plans on hold until next year after their 180-guest day on June 13, in Newcastle, was cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.

Instead, the couple drove up to the Summer House at Rockliffe Hall, Darlington, on Friday, July 31, to tie the knot in a convertible Aston Martin.

Mrs Wynne-Williams, who met Mrs Russell online four years ago, said: “The wedding was fantastic. I absolutely could not have anticipated this situation but could not have asked for a better day.

“Everyone thought it was great. We brought the grandkids in the back of the car and they loved it.”

The 55-year-olds, who live in Belmont together, were joined in the Aston Martin by Mrs Russell’s seven-year-old grandson and pageboy Cole and one of Wynne-Williams’s granddaughters and flower girl Layla, six.

“It was just so personal and intimate,” Mrs Russell added.

“It made it so special. We could not have wished for a better day.”

The family-orientated couple, who spent their evening in a hot tub as thunder and lightning set in, described the day as “magical” and have booked a cottage with their daughters and grandchildren instead of a honeymoon.

“We were never looking for a relationship. We are both really family orientated but maybe that’s what attracted us to each other. Sometimes there can be jealousy if you meet someone new and they aren’t as close to their family as you.

“We’ve both been married before but our families were all delighted and happy. For the older generation it’s a bit different because they’ve grown up in a world where only men and women get married, but when you can see that two people make each other happy, you can't want anything else for your family,” Mrs Russell said.

Mrs Wynne-Williams’ mum was diagnosed with cancer before lockdown and would not have been well enough to attend the original wedding date, but made it to Rockliffe Hall.

“It was just fantastic having her here. The icing on the cake is that my mam was a witness. She has finished her treatment too, so was tired at the end of the day but our parents are in their 70s and 80s so they would have been tired anyway,” Mrs Wynne-Williams added.