A DISQUALIFIED driver reached speeds of almost 100mph in a residential area during a police pursuit before flipping his car onto its roof, a court heard.

Shaun Kearns attempted to escape capture after he was spotted driving erratically on the A66 less than two weeks after he had been banned from driving.

Initially, he pulled over when the police activated their blue lights but when an officer was talking to him through his car window Kearns put his foot down and sped off at around 3am in March 14.

Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, said Kearns headed along Ormesby Road at speeds of up to 80mph before turning onto Ladgate Lane and reaching speeds of up to 100mph as he drove through two set of red lights.

Miss Atkinson said: "The defendant's speed was such that the officer lost sight of him. They then became aware the car's tyres had been stung by other officers.

"The vehicle ended up on its roof. The defendant's girlfriend was in the vehicle at the time. She came crawling out from the passenger side. The defendant was sat on the ground next to the vehicle."

The Northern Echo:

A police stinger

Miss Atkinson said a drug and alcohol test was carried out but he was never charged with either drink or drug driving as a result.

The court heard how the 25-year-old had been disqualified from driving for 12 months on March 3, after being found guilty of failing to provide a specimen.

Kearns, of Norfolk Crescent, Middlesbrough, admitted dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance.

Nicci Horton, in mitigation, said Kearns had struggled with his own mental health issues and was caring for his mother whilst also working.

She added: "Neither him or his girlfriend were injured in that crash - I have absolutely no idea how but they weren't. I would imagine that's an absolute fluke given the way the car landed because I have watched the footage and it's been crushed."

Miss Horton urged the judge to pass a suspended sentence but Judge Jonathon Carroll replied: "Going through red lights at up to 100mph with his girlfriend in the car, which ended up on its roof, how do I not send him to prison?"

The judge described Kearns' driving as 'profoundly dangerous' and said it was only good luck that meant nobody was seriously injured.

He said: "This is just too bad an example of dangerous driving.

"If I was to let you out now I would be putting out a signal to Middlesbrough, to every crazy driver, that they can do what they want. I can't put that signal out and I will not put that signal out.

"The public interest in this case demands that you receive a custodial sentence."

Kearns was jailed for ten months for the dangerous driving offence and banned from driving for 23 months.