Have you ever wondered where the most properties in Durham are?

With the help of property experts, Zoopla, we can reveal where the most expensive streets in Durham are- and how much a property in this area could cost you.

The average cost of a detached house in Durham is estimated at £290,764- but some of the houses on the more expensive streets could fetch over £1 million.

Here are the most expensive streets in Durham, according to data and ‘Zed Index’ estimates from Zoopla.

5 expensive streets in Durham
(Google Map images are just for area guidance)

Potters Bank

According to Zoopla, this is the most expensive street in Durham and it has an average property value of £765,462.

One pricey property on the street even sold for £1,560,000 last year.

South Street

The average property value on South Street is £714,036- but one seven bedroom property on the street sold for £1,259,000 in 2015.

Another pricey property has an estimated value of £930k-£1.14m and was last sold in 2008 for £973,600.

Chevallier Court

Zoopla estimates that the average property value on Chevallier Court in £702,970- which is actually 7% less than it was 12 months ago.

One property has an estimated value of £850K-£1.04m- it was last sold in 2015 for £870,000.

High Streets South, Shincliffe

The average property on High Streets South is estimated at £660,909- but the most expensive property is valued between £925k-£1.39m.

It has six bedrooms and last sold in 2008 for £1,150,000.

Westhouse Avenue

Westhouse Avenue properties have an average value of £650,753- but several properties on the street have sold far beyond this price.

One five bedroom detached house sold for £825,000 in 2019.

Another detached house has a maximum estimate of £1.07m.