A YOUNG duo has created a track and trace website for pubs, bars, and restaurants across Middlesbrough.

James Laden and Alex Wiseman have created a website, called Pub ID, that makes the track and tracing of customers entering pubs more accurate.

James said they came up with the free website following reports from Middlesbrough Council that pubs and restaurants were not collecting contact details for the Covid-19.

He said that several pubs and bars in Middlesbrough – including Dickens, Tipsy Cow and O’Connells – have now taken on the system, adding: “it’s really simple, easy to use and it takes all the pressure off the pubs and restaurants having to record the details and contact those who need to self-isolate.

“Pub ID seeks to create a centralised data storing service that makes contact tracing more accurate and efficient for pubs around the country. The website – which is available on all phones, and tablets - allocates both pub owners and customers an account when they register.

“Registration to the Pub ID requires all the necessary information needed for the track and trace Government system. When a customer arrives at the pub, they will scan they will either check in to the pub by searching for it on their account or through scanning their barcode, and then their name, contact details, and arrival time will all be recorded.

“Venues are then sent live updates and attendance levels to their account throughout the day, to be sure of their accordance with the guidelines. Moreover, this way of checking in helps reduce the chances of spreading the virus through the reusing of pens and paper.”

To find out more, visit pub-id.com/