A WOMAN who kicked off and called police officers 'numb-nuts' when they attempted to arrest her husband has been fined.

Lyndsay Lancaster reacted angrily when the officers arrived at her address and refused to allow them entry unless they had a warrant.

The 43-year-old eventually opened the door of the house on Main Road, Gainford, but became angry and agitated, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Jenny Haigh, prosecuting, said Lancaster became abusive before she was restrained and arrested following the confrontation with the police just after 8am on November 8 last year.

She said: "She called them numb-nuts and said if the officers did get into the house then the dogs would have them."

During the ensuing scuffle between the defendant and the officers, one was injured when a treadmill was pushed at them and Mrs Lancaster pushed another officer, Miss Haigh added.

Lancaster, pleaded guilty to affray following the incident but she was cleared of two charges of assault on an emergency worker when the prosecution offered no evidence.

Her barrister, Rod Hunt said Mrs Lancaster suffered a bout of 'hysteria' due to a medical condition.

Judge Howard Crowson fined Lancaster £130 and ordered her to pay a £32 court surcharge.