A FILM producer has achieved his dream of his work being played in the cinema.

Willington filmmaker Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard has written and directed his own horror films which have been made in the local area using local talent.

His two horrific characters Rag Dolly and Valentines Eve feature in his mini horror franchise made up of three films.

The pair will come together and face off in his fourth film in the franchise ‘Dolly vs Eve.’

His most recent film, The Rag Dolly will be released on July 31 and builds up to the two-character coming together.

After its release, filming will begin on the big finale of the franchise set for the big screen.

A JustGiving group was set up to raise the money for hiring the cinema – in total £600 was raised by cast, crew and supporters.

Mr Maynard said: “The dream has come true, now the pressure is on to get it right. I am looking forward to it and everyone in the cast and crew will raise their game.

“Its going to be a great night and any money we raise on the night and the extra raised from the JustGiving will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

“We don’t get any money from this we don’t get paid, we do it for the fun of it and because we love it, I would just like to thank the cast and crew of the films – hopefully we can produce another great film for our fans.”

The film will premier on October 31.