THE RAF have confirmed that fighter jets were operating over Teesside earlier this week after loud noises were heard in the middle of the night.

Dozens took to social media after being awoken by the rumble of what seemed like several jets. 

But the RAF have confirmed the jets were carrying out 'essential night' flying training from RAF Coningsby. 

A spokesperson for the RAF said: "RAF Coningsby Typhoons have been carrying out essential night flying training.

"This is routine training to ensure our pilots are current in all flying disciplines and are ready and able to complete operations at home and abroad."

At the time, some took to social media complaining of a loud noise.

But a spokesperson for the base explained the route had taken the typhoons over the North-East of England.

An RAF Coningsby spokesman said: "The aircraft were basically just transiting back to Coningsby after operating out on the ranges over the North Sea.

"Night-flying usually takes place around once every five weeks, but this can be influenced by other external factors.

"We have to fly all-year round to maintain currency and competency.

"We can’t stop night-flying in the summer months with the increased daylight hours. Unfortunately this does cause more disturbance to the local community."