Do you remember what it was like to shop in the 80s and 90s?

Thanks to online shopping and the progression of time, some classic stores from our younger years are no longer on the high street.

Here are four shops in the North East that we wish could make a comeback.


‘Woolies’ is a shop that many people across the UK miss. Before John Lewis started creating their iconic Christmas adverts, Woolworths were the kings of Christmas.

It truly was a shop that sold everything, including children’s clothes, CDs and even pick 'n' mix. 

Woolworths opened in Barnard Castle in 1934, taking over the site of the Angel Inn.

The store closed in 2008 and became a Heron Foods store. 


Before the days of online streaming, movie nights started here. Now, choosing a DVD or video off the shelf is a nostalgic memory.

Blockbuster went into administration in 2010 and slowly began to disappear from our highstreets.

Tower House

This department store was situated on Linthorpe Road back in 1910.

It was incredibly popular right up until the 80’s when trade began to decline.

The store closed in 1986 and demolition began in 1987 to make way for a McDonald’s restaurant.

Toys R Us

This used to be the go-to place for toys a few decades ago- but the UK has been without Toys R Us for a few years now.

Toys R Us in Teesside closed its doors in April 2018 after the entire company went into administration.

Kwik Save

This used to be a go-to budget supermarket for a lot of people- but Kwik Save stores across the UK have been closed for over a decade.

The site in Eston has been closed since 2007- it is currently a Spar store.