A PLANNING application for a Weardale holiday park has been withdrawn following objections from residents.

The plan was to convert a St John’s Chapel farm into the holiday park that would feature ten shepherds’ huts.

The development of the 300-acre Sunny Banks Farm as a holiday park would have also seen a change in use of Sunny Bank Farmhouse into a holiday cottage, conversion and adaption of existing barn buildings to offices and communal rooms for the use of visitors.

The site's primary focus was to create a ‘community catalyst’ and help provide somewhere to help build up the local community.

The reason for the applications withdrawal has not been stated but with 94 objections the site became a "catalyst for conversation" according to one local.

The developer, Michael Holgate, was contacted for a comment and said: “We have withdrawn the application pending further family discussion.”

The residents had a list of concerns from logistics, light pollution, noise, and environmental impact.

Residents say that shepherds’ huts have never been used in Weardale due to the terrain and they are found down south. There is also concern over size of the huts which some are calling "wooden static caravans".

There were also fears about the ecology and disturbances to badgers, deer, black grouse and red squirrels. However, the developer assured residents that they see the project as a stewardship of the land environmentally and economic to be developed and protected.

There was also concern over the increase in traffic on a back lane that is prone to ice in the winter.

The lane has steep inclines and a hairpin bend with few passing places many residents say that the road in its current state is not fit for service.

Resident of East Blackdene Jane Meacham said: “The residents are very pleased that Michael has withdrawn his current proposal for Sunnybanks Farm.

“However, we remain sceptical about his future intentions and are meeting on Saturday to discuss events that have taken place this week.”

Durham County Councillor for Weardale John Shuttleworth said: “Residents concerns have been listened to, for an application to be successful they will have to consult and inform people.”