AN MP who said he was "doxed" by a Labour representative in his town has vowed to never back down in the face of harassment.

Redcar MP Jacob Young said he was forced to call Special Branch due to the harassment campaign he was subjected to since his election win in December 2019.

Mr Young, the first Conservative MP in Redcar, said he has faced a "constant stream of abuse from those who claim to represent a kinder gentler politics in Teesside."

The former TTE apprentice was forced to call Special Branch after the self-described Labour representative for West Dyke ward "doxed" the Redcar MP earlier this year. Doxing is a sinister tactic in which private or identifying information about an individual is posted online, typically with malicious intent.

On other occasions Mr Young's friends and family have been devastated to discover that trolls have scoured their private social media pages to steal photos of the Redcar MP.

Mr Young said: "These people, and they know who they are, seem to think that if they sink to the lowest tactics in the book that I might back down – well, I won't.

"Labour still can't accept that the people of Teesside roundly rejected them in December last year.

"They still don't get that people don't like holier than thou politicians telling them they were too stupid to know what they were voting for.

"And they don't like it when the party that was supposed to represent them seems to disagree with every single one of their values.

"They're so out of touch they can't possibly win the argument, so now they're resorting to the lowest of the low.

"And people don't buy it. Labour supporters went nuts after I tweeted a little joke about a haircut – but look at the comments. Most people thought the faux outrage was pathetic.

"As a working-class lad from Middlesbrough who battled hard to become Redcar's first Conservative MP and its youngest, I am sure mistakes are bound to be made along the way. That's only human and just because things may not always be right the first time it doesn't mean I'm not fighting to deliver the best results for our area.

"I will continue my work bringing thousands of high-skilled jobs to our region and leave Labour to their underhand, spiteful tactics.

"Come after me if you disagree with my politics. But don't target my friends and family."

Labour North has been contacted by The Northern Echo.