ENVIRONMENTAL groups have appealed to the council to tackle the climate emergency "head on."

In a joint letter sent to Darlington Borough Council (DBC), Friends of the Earth Darlington', 'Climate Concern', and 'Darlington Climate Action' have put pressure on the council to act faster on creating a climate action plan, in response to DBC's plans for the council and its buildings to become Carbon neutral by 2050.

Kendra Ullyart, Co-ordinanator of Friends of the Earth group said: "Ambitious Councils around the country are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 or before, our Council cannot claim to be ambitious if they continue to work towards 2050 and we encourage them to reconsider and make changes now.

"We acknowledge that significant ongoing financial assistance from Central Government will be required but not all measure will cost vast announce of revenue.

"The longer they delay the more expensive it will be to protect our communities from escalating heat waves, wildfires, flooding and other extreme weather events that are happening on a regular basis."

"It is well known that Climate chaos hits the most vulnerable people the hardest. Residents want actions not empty words, we want our Council to be bold, to face the climate emergency head on."

The groups have put forward seven detailed proposals and are working towards a community led climate action plan to support the Councils efforts to avert a climate emergency. The Council unveiled last week what they called 'an ambitious and forward-looking climate change strategy.

Membership Secretary Alan Docherty said “We agree with Cllr Marshall recent statement that 'there is increasing public pressure to take action on climate change’, the newly formed Darlington Climate Action Group had 70 people attend the first meeting in February this year. Nationally 200 new Climate Action Groups registered last year.

A spokesperson from Darlington Climate Action said “Darlington needs leadership and vision to achieve a net zero future while also ensuring that its resilience planning and investment is in place to deal with the climate impacts that are and will continue to affect the Borough in the coming years and decades as the changing climate results in more extreme weather patterns.” All our members are concerned about the climate emergency we are facing and want to find innovative and workable solutions urgently.