A PRIMARY school is urging parents to be mindful of a young man knocking on doors in the area claiming to be in partnership with it and selling tutoring.

Darlington school Mount Pleasant first reports a young man knocking on doors and selling private summer tutoring and mentoring, saying he had been in touch with the school, when he knocked on the door of a teaching assistant there – on Friday evening, the day the school closed.

Head of school Jo Blackham says parents of Mount Pleasant pupils are "very sensible" and would not allow a stranger into their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as having a good relationship with the school, but is reminding parents that any tutoring would come through the school.

Mrs Blackham said: "We urge parents that anyone coming to the door selling tuition or mentoring, it is not part of Mount Pleasant. If we were to offer that we would be in touch and not through a third party."