A COUNCILLOR is asking for more to be done to tackle flytipping in Redcar which has gone on "far too long".

Councillor Carl Quartermain, of Coatham Ward, has written to Redcar & Cleveland Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods Councillor Barry Hunt to prioritise and resolve the issues we have in commercial alleys such as Milbank Terrace.

Cllr Quartermain: "This is a frustration for myself and indeed many councillors, year on year, of all political persuasions, for decades and it has to stop.

"If we are going to solve this we must do so together and cross-party. Cllr Hunt shares my frustration and has responded to my plea to act and has committed to working together on this historic problem in order to find the solutions.

"Fly tipping and uncontrolled business waste has been a problem at Milbank Terrace and throughout alleys in Redcar and across the borough for far.

"I have cleared this alley many times but good will isn’t the answer. We must all stop chasing our tails. We must draw a line under it and set up a review that must be followed through to conclusion in order to tackle the problem head on."