A HEROIN addict who turned to dealing to fund his habit has been jailed for more than five years.

Anthony Farrow was caught twice in a matter of months with heroin and drug dealing paraphernalia inside his Redcar flat.

Police recovered wraps of heroin, plastic packaging and digital scales when they searched the 54-year-old's home in June last year.

Peter Sabbiston, prosecuting, said officers discovered 12 wraps of brown powder worth £120 if sold at street level.

A further search discovered another package of heroin worth an estimated £40.

He said: "Police noticed he had infected sores on his legs and took him for treatment, clearly he is a heavy user of heroin himself.

"In interview he said he had no intention of selling the drugs. He said he found them under a tree hidden by a brick after watching a drug dealer acting suspiciously."

The Northern Echo:

Mr Sabbiston said Farrow, pictured above, was released on bail but was back drug dealing on February 8 when he was caught with £90 worth of heroin.

A search of flat revealed a further stash of heroin worth an estimated £600, £90 in cash, digital scales and a scalpel to cut up the deals.

Farrow, of Coatham Road, Redcar, pleaded guilty to two charges of possession of a Class a drug with intent to supply.

His barrister, John Nixon accepted that his latest charges meant he was a three-time convicted drug dealer and would be looking at a longer sentence as a result.

He told the court how Farrow had managed to get himself clean after serving a prison sentence and had been clean for four years but had slipped back into his old habits after suffering personal setbacks last year.

Judge Stephen Ashurst jailed Farrow for 2,045 days – slightly less than five years and eight months.

He said: "When they searched your accommodation they found equipment associated with street level dealing.

"You were released on bail and then on February 8 another 20 grams of the drug was found – worth about £690.

"You were in possession of the heroin with intent to supply."

He added: "It is clear you are not living the highlife, you are funding your habit from street dealing.

"The misery you have had in you life because of it, you have been prepared to share it with others."