NATIONAL Holidays are returning to the UKs roads after the brand was snapped up by another travel company just months after it collapsed.

The firm ran coach holidays from locations including Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Stockton, Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire.

It ceased to exist when parent company, Specialist Leisure Group Limited went into administration, blaming the failure on the coronavirus pandemic.

But as the brand is set to return, we've put together everything you need to know - including whether or not you can use your old credit notes.

When will tours begin?

JG Travel Group, which now owns the brand, is currently building the new National Holidays to replicate 'many tours, pickups points and even staff.'

It said it is reviewing its safety measures and protocols in line with coronavirus guidelines in order to start operating as soon as it safely can.

It is also putting together its holiday schedule with 'tours' set to commence in early 2021.

It said: "We will have many of the old favourites we know you loved back on sale shortly along with some new and exciting tours too."

Will it serve the same locations?

National Holidays operated at many pick-up locations across the North-East and North Yorkshire - it suggested the majority of these will remain available.

When will you be able to book a tour?

The firm said it is planning to release details of its up and coming tours from early August and said customers will be able to book online or via telephone. 

It said it's aiming to provide a 'similar, if not better' experience previously with National Holidays. This includes Hotels, coaches, visits and attractions.

As National Holidays used to use its own group hotels, it will be seeking alternatives that are equivalent or better.

Will former staff be employed?

National Holidays said it is creating a number of roles for ex-Specialist Leisure Group staff across the new brand.

It will be recruiting a variety of management and specialist roles, with jobs going live in the next few months.

As the firm will operate under a different business model, it said it will not own any coaches or hotels.

Instead the firm will rely on local coach companies to fulfil contracts, meaning it doesn't have any opportunities for coach drivers or hotel staff.

Can you use a credit note and what about my refund?

As the National Holidays brand has been purchased, it is simply just the name, website, social media channels and customer data, that has been bought - the former company has ceased to exist. 

This means that the new owner of this brand is not responsible for any previous obligations, including refunds and credit notes, nor is it responsible for any previous assets or debts.

This means that those pursuing compensation claims for lost holidays or journeys should continue to do so through their credit card company or travel insurance company.

A statement from National Holidays said: "Firstly, we are extremely sorry for the sad collapse of the Specialist Leisure Group, and in particular to all the staff and their customers.

"We have no involvement at all in relation to holidays that were booked prior to 22 May 2020 when the Specialist Leisure Group, who owned National Holidays, went into administration. 

"Whilst we are delighted we will be able to offer many of the holidays we know you loved, we appreciate some customer are still waiting for refunds from previous bookings prior to 22 May 2020."