A HUNGRY Lewis Capaldi stopped off in Darlington this afternoon - but only to collect a Domino's Pizza while on his way to London.

The singer behind the hits, 'Someone You Loved, Hold Me While You Wait, and Grace,' managed to persuade the pizza firm to meet him at the railway station.

Travelling between Edinburgh and the capital, Capaldi had discovered the LNER buffet was out of action early into the journey.

Desperate for a midday fix, Capaldi launched an appeal for a Domino's which had fans going wild, spurring the firm to do the right thing.

Jumping to the rescue, Domino's agreed and asked the Northgate Road branch to cook up his favourite meal.

Meeting Capaldi with just minutes to spare, a delivery driver from the Northgate Road branch 'hot footed' it to safely deliver the goods. 

Watch the chance meeting here - viewer discretion advised:

He later posted his delight on social media which revealed the heartwarming message that Domino's staff in Darlington had written.

The message said: "Someone you loved. We live to make your heart beat better. Eat me while you wait."

The Northern Echo: Picture: INSTAGRAMPicture: INSTAGRAM

Stores and Community Manager at Domino’s, Rachel Townsend said: “Lewis Capaldi knows nothing delivers like Domino’s, and our Darlington store hot footed over to the station to deliver Lewis’ favourite Pepperoni Passion pizza in the nick of time before his train moved on.

The Northern Echo: Lewis Capaldi with the LNER train manager Pictures supplied by Dominos Lewis Capaldi with the LNER train manager Pictures supplied by Dominos

"We’re so glad we could help him in his time of need," she added.