A FRAUDSTER who conned multiple victims out of around £30,000 is facing further charges whilst behind bars.

Christine Fearns will appear before Teesside Crown Court on Monday to be sentenced for another charge of fraud.

Two years ago, she was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for a series of frauds she carried out with her partner, Paul Normington, after the pair swindled cash out of friends.

Fearns, of Craig Street, Darlington, has since been charged with another similar offence committed at the same time, the court heard.

Judge Jonathan Carroll was due to sentence the 54-year-old on Friday but decided to adjourned the case so that the same judge could pass sentence on her latest charge.

Jonathan Walker, prosecuting, outlined the previous charges against Fearns where she persuaded people to hand over cash and she would repay when money was released from different bank accounts.

The judge said: "I know it's frustrating for your client but it is in her best interests that the same judge deals with her again."

Fearns previous offending included conning one victim out of £4,000 with the promise of repayment which never materialised.

The cruel pair's second victims was fleeced for £24,000 which resulted in the couple having to borrow money of their friends and family to survive.

Their final two victims at that time lost £250 and £280 after being conned by the pair.

Sentencing them in November 2018, Judge Stephen Ashurst said: "This is a case where you have acted very much as a team and choosing to solve your own personal financial problems by defrauding friends and acquaintances who trusted you."

Normington, also of Craig Street, was handed three years and three months behind bars. No compensation order to recover the victim's lost money.