THERE have been more than 12,400 crimes reported in and around Stockton since the beginning of the year, latest figures reveal.

Between January 2020 and May 2020, Cleveland Police recorded a total of 12,423 crimes in Stockton.

The most common crimes fell under the 'anti-social behaviour' (4,832 crimes) and 'violence and sexual offences' (3,070 crimes) categories.

The least common crimes reported fell under the 'bicycle theft' (52 crimes) and 'theft from a person' (35 crimes) categories.

Here's the latest data from your area this year, according to Data.Police.UK*

*For crime anonymisation purposes - the exact location of each crime has not been made public.

This is why the location of crimes are recorded by police as 'on or near' one particular street or area.

A breakdown of the numbers behind the crimes reported in Stockton this year - here's how those crimes were recorded overall:

Anti-social behaviour: 4,832

Violence and sexual offences: 3,070

Criminal damage and arson: 1,056

Public order: 718

Other theft: 646

Burglary: 532

Shoplifting: 504

Vehicle crime: 299

Drugs: 280

Other crime: 233

Possession of weapons: 87

Robbery: 79

Bicycle theft: 52

Theft from the person: 35

Total: 12,423