LAST week in his tub-thumbing speech about how the UK will recover – physically and economically – from the coronavirus pandemic, the Prime Minister promised to “solve social care”.

Although light on detail, it is good to see the sector identified by the Government as a priority.

How to solve it though?

Everyone with an interest recognises it is a hugely complex issue, and the solution, therefore, is likely to be complex as well. So far, measures to improve resourcing having been little more than sticking plasters.

Allowing councils to levy additional two per cent precepts to add a little more into the social care pot, for example, is not exactly transformational.

Cross-party talks are supposedly being planned “at the earliest opportunity” before the Government brings forward its long term plan.

How much longer must some of the most vulnerable people in society wait before their needs are put first? Social care needs action, and fast.