A CONSERVATIVE MP has been attacked as “crass” and “sneering” after he posted a tweet of his before and after haircut and referred to Tory cuts.

Redcar MP Jacob Young was attempting to highlight the fact that hairdressers and other businesses were open after lockdown restrictions were lifted on Saturday.

Mr Young sent out a tweet out to his more than 7,000 followers on the social networking platform with photos of his beaming face showing how his barnet had been trimmed.

The tweet – later deleted – said: “More Tory cuts…before and after shots.

“Across the country our #barbers and #hairdressers are back and #OpenForBusiness.

“With new safety guidance, disposable gowns & towels and extensive new hygiene practices – we can safely go back to getting our mops chopped!”

But not everybody got the joke and lots of Twitter users along with local politicians were quick to criticise Mr Young and point out that the area had suffered under Tory austerity measures.

Middlesbrough Labour MP Andy McDonald said: “People will be deeply offended by this distasteful tweet. 

“I’m not surprised Jacob Young has taken it down. 

“It was a crass and insensitive comment and far from being funny for thousands of people in Redcar and across the Tees Valley who have suffered as a direct result of the political choice of his Tory party to impose austerity. 

“Sadly it reveals the contempt that Tories really have for the very people they were elected to serve.”

Former Redcar and Cleveland Council leader Sue Jeffrey said: “I do wonder just how low these people will sink.  

“Did he really think it is okay to joke about Tory austerity policies that have ruined so many lives and left our NHS and care services so ill equipped to deal with the Covid-19 crisis?”

Asked by the Local Democracy Reporting Service to comment, Mr Young said: “I tried to make light of the first haircut I’d had in three months.

“Sadly a small number of people took offence at what was clearly intended as a joke.”

The MP went on to cite how the Government was supporting Redcar and the surrounding area with millions of pounds worth of funding and describe its efforts to protect jobs during the coronavirus outbreak, adding: “My constituency is full of amazing people and I’m proud to be an MP here for a party that is investing in our area and supporting working people across Teesside.”

Replying to Mr Young’s tweet, Twitter user David Wimble said: “This has made my blood boil.

“It is not a laughing matter. He does not respond to his constituents concerns and then pipes up with this absolute nonsense.

“We see you [Jacob] Young.”

Mr Young is one of the country’s youngest MPs and was 26-year-old when he was elected to the Redcar seat in last December’s General Election, removing previous incumbent Labour’s Anna Turley and overturning her previous majority.