AS lockdown restrictions eased North-East residents made the most of Saturday and visited local pubs and bars.

Social distancing was in place for most pubs and bars with the majority restricting numbers, and offering table service.

On Friday Councillor Kevin Nicholson, Darlington Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Health and Housing, said: “I fully understand that many people will be looking forward to visiting their favourite pubs and bars this weekend after being unable to for such a long time. However, I would urge people to stay alert, exercise restraint and follow the guidelines. The services we all rely on need us all to act responsibility, there is still work to be done and people to support.

“Your local may look and feel quite a bit different to how you remember it, as measures have been put in place to make Darlington’s pubs Covid-secure for customers when they return.

“If you are planning to go out for a drink, go ahead and enjoy yourself – just please go steady away and remember to maintain social distancing when socialising! Let’s keep Darlington on the right track.”