AN award-winning engineering solution at British Steel, in Saltburn, Special Profiles operation has received a further boost after it was awarded three patents.

A £2 million investment was made in 2017 to install a ground-breaking new descaling system at the Skinningrove-based Special Profiles rolling mill.

British Steel developed and installed the state-of-the-art technology in partnership with Italian specialists INOXIHP.

The clever system fires highly pressurised water through multiple nozzles at more than 200 bars, onto red hot steel blooms.

This process smartly and efficiently removes the scale formed during the process of reheating the steel, with intelligent lasers ensuring the sprayer is in the optimum position to provide customers with the highest quality finish.

Dominic Hill, Customer quality and technical manager, said: “Being awarded three patents for our descaler system further demonstrates how we’re leading the way in driving engineering advances in the global steel industry."