ALMOST half of all care home deaths in the North-East and North Yorkshire were recorded as coronavirus related, latest figures reveal.

Analysis by The Northern Echo has revealed care homes in our region recorded almost 1,400 coronavirus deaths in just eleven weeks.

Latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows how many deaths care homes have notified the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

It is this data which shows how the coronavirus outbreak has affected care homes in our part of the world since the outbreak gathered pace.

Between April 10 and June 26, a total of 3,126 care home deaths were recorded - out of those deaths, 1,361 (43 percent) were deemed Covid-19-related.

Analysis has also revealed how the outbreak has affected our region's care homes on a local level and where Covid-19 care homes deaths have outstripped normal deaths.

We found that care homes in South Tyneside, County Durham and Darlington have recorded the highest number of Covid-19 care home deaths in relation to all deaths overall.

In comparison, care homes in North Yorkshire, Redcar and Cleveland and North Tyneside recorded the lowest proportion of Covid-19 deaths.

How your area compares - data between April 10 and June 26:

(Sorted by proportion)

1. South Tyneside - 78 Covid-19 deaths - 115 deaths 

2. County Durham - 315 Covid-19 deaths - 617 deaths 

3. Darlington - 60 Covid-19 deaths - 122 deaths 

4. Gateshead - 78 Covid-19 deaths - 167 deaths 

5. Newcastle upon Tyne - 107 Covid-19 deaths - 235 deaths 

6. Hartlepool - 44 Covid-19 deaths - 100 - deaths

7. Sunderland - 93 Covid-19 deaths - 222 deaths

8. Middlesbrough - 63 Covid-19 deaths - 160 deaths

9. Northumberland - 106 Covid-19 deaths - 270 deaths 

10. York - 66 Covid-19 deaths - 167 deaths 

11. Stockton-on-Tees - 54 Covid-19 deaths - 136 deaths

12. North Yorkshire - 209 Covid-19 deaths - 553 deaths

13. Redcar and Cleveland - 42 Covid-19 deaths - 118 deaths

14. North Tyneside - 46 Covid-19 deaths - 144 deaths

How is a Covid-19 death recorded?

A Covid-19 death is recorded if either the individual tested positive for the virus, or had been showing symptoms of the virus at time of death.

In cases where a care home resident has not been tested, those who were said to be displaying symptoms will be recorded as a Covid-19 death.

The ONS, which has released the data, says all Covid-19 deaths have been recorded where the virus has been listed as a cause on an individual's death certificate.

UK care home death rate 'higher' here than in Europe

Researchers from the London School of Economics shows the UK's care home death rate is higher than almost any other country in Europe. It says one in 20 residents have died of Covid-19. 

The researchers said only Spain has seen a larger proportion of its care home population killed by the virus — but its actual reported death toll appears thousands lower.

It said up to 5.3 per cent care homes residents died since February - comparatively, the rate is 6.1 per cent in Spain and just 0.4 per cent in Germany.