THE incredible rate at which Nightingale Hospitals sprang up across the country when the vicious coronavirus pandemic was at its height was a true reflection of what our public services can achieve in a time of national crisis.

When there is enough will, it seems there is a way to make things happen.

Boris Johnson, it seems, has been inspired by the hospitals to create an infrastructure delivery taskforce heading by the Chancellor to build our way out of the impending economic crisis.

Will it be as simple to overturn decades of underspending in our region, for example? Will the desperately needed road and rail upgrades finally materialise?

The confirmation of £15m for three North-East railway stations is welcome, but two of the projects are still a long way from being realised.

They are needed sooner rather than later – but their construction must not be at the expense of proper planning processes and transparency on contracts.

Sometimes, less haste, more speed is what is needed.