FORMER boxer Dave “Brandon”Ogilvie has died aged 89.

Mr Ogilvie, who was never floored in 40 professional fights, helped to establish Durham City Amateur Boxing Club and was the British Boxing Board of Control’s regional chief inspector.

“He was a boxer from a different age, a dedicated champion and a lovely man, to boot”, said friend and former Northern Echo correspondent Mike Amos.

Mr Ogilvie was 16 before his first fight as an amateur. Mr Amos said: “There was a boxing show at Brandon football field and they just asked him if he fancied it.”

The Northern Echo:

Dave ‘Brandon’ Ogilvie in his heyday

Mr Ogilvie trained at Langley Park under George White, but used his hometown Brandon as his fighting name.

In 40 professional fights he was never floored, including an eight-rounder at Durham ice rink against Malcolm Pidgeon from South Bank, which was reckoned to be the bloodiest and most brutal the city had seen.

Alex Oliver, head coach at Brandon Boxing Club, said: "He was such an amazing man. He did so much for the sport, and working with young people. I used to be in awe of him. He was a top professional and a great community man. He came to lots of events at our club, and loved coming to our gym to see the youngsters train. Hewas a big supporter of what we are doing."

The Northern Echo:

Alex Oliver and Dave 'Brandon' Ogilvie about 12 years ago. Lex said: "He used to come and watch me train at Spennymoor and give me advice" 

Pitman, slaughterman and meat inspector with Middlesbrough council, co-founder of Durham City Amateur Boxing Club, he served for 18 years as regional chief inspector for the British Boxing Board of Control.

He retired at 72 and suffered ill health in recent years.

In 2010, he was awarded the Maurice Cullen trophy, named after the Shotton Colliery milkman who five times became British lightweight champion.

Mr Ogilvie’s grandaughter Lynsey Todd said: “He was a wonderful man and although many people knew him for his professional boxing, he was also well known for his charity work.

The Northern Echo:

Dave ‘Brandon’ Ogilvie with former North-East radio presenter Sue Sweeney

“I remember as a child going to plenty of events that he had organised to raise money for various things in the community. He was such a determined character, and was always doing something for someone else.

“His passing is a big loss to everyone in our family, and to everyone who knew him. We have been overwhelmed by the number of kind thoughts from people in recent days.”

The Northern Echo:

Dave 'Brandon' Ogilvie with Tyne Tees and Wear England Boxing Officials Phil Hatton and Norman Close at the opening day of the new gym at Brandon Boxing Club in 2018 with Alex Oliver and daughter Kara-Mai 

Mr Ogilvie had three children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

A family funeral will take place on Friday, July 3, at Durham Crematorium.

Mrs Todd said: “We are all going to be wearing bright colours, because he loved a day at the races and he would have wanted us to be okay and not be too sad.”