MOTORHOME bookings have soared as the country emerges out of lockdown but international travel remains largely inaccessible, with North Yorkshire alone seeing a 300 per cent increase in bookings compared tot last year.

Data revealed by Goboony, a motorhome sharing platform – ‘an Airbnb on wheels’ – that helps private motorhome owners get in touch with potential travellers, found when Covid-19 restrictions were implemented, at least 200 bookings were cancelled in North Yorkshire and County Durham.

Since mid-May, the site has received a record number of requests and bookings daily as well as a growth in supply, with motorhomes in Durham doubling within a month. North Yorkshire saw a 300 per cent increase in bookings compared to this time last year.

A spokesperson for the site said: “While this is an area that doesn’t usually benefit from a volume of international tourism to the same extent as London or Edinburgh, there is an unprecedented increase in local bookings as residents intend to tour the area.

“We’re seeing a an increase in the volume of requests for motorhomes around Liverpool and Derbyshire with the intention of travelling to North Yorkshire.Bookings in Durham intend to drive north, to Northumberland or as far as Edinburgh, and bookings in North Yorkshire plan to stay local, including camping by the Moors National Park.

“The main perk of a motorhome is the ability to social distance in it, as you can hire a contained vehicle and avoid public transport and hotels. The majority of holiday makers are opting for the coronavirus-free cancellation policy, showing people are ready to look ahead and book their holiday, but are keeping in mind the possibility of restrictions extending.”