THE public has been entered into one of the major advertising and marketing industry awards for its humorous response to the Dominic Cummings driving affair.

It took only minutes after the press conference on Monday, May 25, when Cummings' revealed he had driven to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight, for social media to be flooded with memes, tweets and humorous comments, including variations on the well-known ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ tagline.

The ‘should’ve’ social conversation was so widespread following the news of Cummings inadvertent trip to the Durham tourist attraction, that Specsavers saw an increase in online mentions of 6,000 per cent and were trending on Twitter.

The wit and creativity of posts inspired Specsavers to do something and enter the British public and its amateur comedians, designers and marketeers into the prestigious Marketing Week Masters Awards in the category of best social media campaign of the year.

The entry will go head to head with Specsavers own social media campaign it ran last summer to support its sponsorship of the Ashes, along with campaigns from other brands.

Specsavers global chief marketing officer Katherine Whitton said: ‘We’re known for our quick and humorous responses to all sorts of situations, but the public’s speed and ingenuity in responding to the Cummings affair left us standing.

"We love the fact that the Great British public feels a real sense of ownership of ‘’Should’ve’' and instantly thought of us when it came to eye tests. To say a huge thank you for entertaining us so much with the nation’s humour and creativity, we wanted to recognise the efforts by entering the Great British public in to one of the most hotly contested marketing industry awards for excellence."