THE BBC has said it is still looking into the circumstances surrounding a crash which left a supercar ditched in a field during filming for Top Gear.

On Tuesday, Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness crashed a Lamborghini Diablo after 'losing control' on a section of the B6255 at Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales.

The BBC said the car had been travelling within the 60mph speed limit of that road, which had previously been described as a hotspot for 'serious and fatal crashes'.

The Northern Echo: Picture: MICK HARRISONPicture: MICK HARRISON

But it has since emerged that the vehicle involved had recently been given an MOT advisory for a tyre that had been found 'close to the legal limit/worn on edge.'

Although an advisory isn't deemed immediately dangerous, the DVLA says flagged issues will need to be "monitored" in case they become "more serious and need immediate" repairs.

The Northern Echo has learnt that replacement tyres were placed on standby in case a change had been deemed 'necessary,' but these had not been fitted to the vehicle.

But the BBC said the car had been 'extensively examined' by an independent vehicle inspector ahead of filming that day.

The Northern Echo: The car during filming just hours earlier Picture: RONNIE ALLENThe car during filming just hours earlier Picture: RONNIE ALLEN

Speaking to The Echo, Top Gear said: “The cause has not yet been fully determined but the incident will be shown in the upcoming series.

"Top Gear had an independent vehicle inspector extensively examine the car’s condition and roadworthiness prior to filming.

"We also had a specialist supercar mechanic accompany the production team throughout the day.

"Tyres are one of the most frequently checked aspects of the cars when we film.

"In this instance they had all passed the car’s recent MOT, were legal and roadworthy, and the production team had replacement tyres on standby should the mechanic had deemed a change necessary.”

In an update after the crash, on social media Mr McGuinness described how a mix of torrential rain and an extremely powerful car had led to the crash.

The Northern Echo:

On Instagram, he said: "It's been a mad old day on Top Gear today, you might have seen I've had a bit of a shunt.

"I finally got to drive a Lamborghini Diablo but it turns out a 30 year old supercars don't like torrential rain - who'd have thought it.

'I'm totally fine'

"If you've ever owned a Diablo or you've driven one, you'll know just as well as me that 'oh my god' she can be a cruel mistress - oh she can be a cruel mistress that one.

"That V12 lures you in and then rawr, it bites you like that - but I'm totally fine and fingers crossed we will get the car up and running again because it's an absolute beauty.

"'I'm going to have a cuppa tea, paracetemol and a little cry."