A CONVICTED sex offender has been jailed for a further 30 months after new allegations came to light.

Peter Hughes, who was due to be released from prison in October, pleaded guilty to carrying out sexual assaults on the young girl several years ago.

The court heard how the 70-year-old left his victim with longstanding issues after suffering abuse at his perverted hands.

Andrew Espley, prosecuting, said the latest allegation were revealed when the young victim was receiving counselling.

He told the judge that despite Hughes facing just one charge it did contain an unspecified number of assault over a protracted period.

During police interview, Mr Espley said the defendant had denied anything inappropriate had happened with the young girl.

He added: "He denied any sort of sexual interest in children saying 'if a cat jumps on your lap you might get an erection but that doesn't mean you're attracted to cats'."

In a victim impact statement, the court heard how the girl had been left severely traumatised by the sexual assaults.

She said: "I kept the secret for a number of years, I have experienced so many different emotions over the years about what he did to me.

"I'm filled with dread when I think about the time he is released from prison, even though I know he can't get me, I'm still scared."

Hughes, formerly of Coatham Road, Redcar, admitted a charge of sexual assault by penetration.

In mitigation, Naomi Aylwin told the judge that her client had shown remorse for his action and his early plea 'saved the child from having to prepare herself to give evidence in a trial."

At an earlier hearing, the judge heard how in 2017 Hughes pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting one underage girl almost four decades ago, when he was in his 30s, by kissing her, touching her and getting her to touch him.

He also admitted sexually assaulting another young girl in 2016 year, telling her it would be a secret.

Judge Paul Watson QC told the defendant that he had reduced the length of the sentence following his early guilty plea and due to the fact the offences occurred before his previous conviction.

He said: "The fact you have got so close to the end of your five year and eight month prison sentence for what you did, is your fault.

"I need to have one eye on the total sentence and try, although it is almost impossible, to impose the sentence which is is keeping with what you would have received if you has been dealt with for all of these matters at the same time.

"The sentence is one of 30 months but that will be consecutive with the sentence you are currently serving."