A CONVICTED sex offender has been jailed after he moved across the country to live with a woman and two children without telling her about his record.

Dylan King left his native Liverpool in July last year before settling in Middlesbrough with his new-found love.

What is partner didn't know was that King was a registered sex offender after being convicted of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the 29-year-old was last spoken to by police almost a year ago before he was tracked down to the woman's home in April this year.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said: "She had no knowledge of the defendant's previous conviction.

"He confirmed he had met the woman on a dating app and he made some mention of having trouble with prison and the police.

"The woman confirmed there were a number of occasions when her children had been left on their own with defendant."

Reading from the woman's victim impact statement, Mr Abrahams added: "I was not aware that Dylan was on the sex offenders' register and if I did I would not have let him move in or be near my children.

"He moved all his belongings into my house and this has made me angry – he is not welcome back at the house."

The court heard how King had a number of previous failures to comply with the order since it was imposed resulting in spells in prison.

King, of Grey Road, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to three offences of failing to comply with the notification requirements of the sex offenders' register.

John Turner, mitigating, said the original offence took place in 2010 and he had no similar charges on his record since his conviction in 2012 for having sex with the teenager when she was 14 and 15.

He said: "There is no mitigation that I can make about that but I can state that the defendant believed he was in a relationship with the young lady; that's no excuse but that is to tell you the kind of offence it was.

"Since 2012 there has been no offences of a like nature. We are talking about an offence that occurred nine years ago."

Judge Howard Crowson said police discovered the defendant living at the home in Middlesbrough in April after going missing from Liverpool the previous July.

He said: "It seems you had gone to live with her, and she had two young children, and she had no idea you were a registered sex offender.

"You do have a record for other offending but it is that relevant offence of 2012 that brings you here – it is two offences of sexual activity with a child under 16.

"It shows that you were prepared to have sexual activity with somebody who was well under age."

King was jailed for 20 months for the three breaches of the notification order.