A SON attacked and threatened his own mother before taking her car without permission and ending in a police chase, and all because he was refused money for drugs.

Paul Thomas Bloomfield received jail sentences for what Judge Ray Singh described as “despicable” offences against his mother and for the ensuing “serious and prolonged” motoring madness, at a time he was banned from the roads due to two drug driving offences.

Durham Crown Court, sitting at Newcastle, was told Bloomfield’s relationship with his parents had deteriorated due to his drug misuse.

Victoria Lamballe, prosecuting, said Bloomfield was often aggressive and threatening to them, as witnessed on January 6 this year, when he walked into their home demanding money, shortly before 3pm.

He was told to leave but he grabbed his mother by the throat and squeezed so tightly she struggled to breathe.

Miss Lamballe said in pushing him off, his mother caught him on the side of the face where he had previously suffered an injury.

He swore at her, pushed her back and kicked her to the thigh.

Although his girlfriend tried to intervene, he pushed his mother against the settee, threw her to the ground and produced a baton-type weapon, threatening her and throwing coasters at her, causing a small cut.

He smashed a tv remote control, before his father intervened, telling Bloomfield to leave.

But he then went upstairs, grabbed the keys to his mother’s car and left threatening to put the windows out that night.

Bloomfield drove the car from the drive way and almost hit another vehicle going down the street.

Minutes later he was spotted on Sunderland Road, Easington, but he ignored the blue flashing lights and siren of a police vehicle, speeding away, almost colliding with a BMW, and forcing his way between two other cars.

He entered the A19, tailgating vehicles and forcing others to pull over near Easington Services, before clipping the wing mirror of a Renault car driven by a retired man.

Bloomfield skidded onto the grass verge where he eventually became stuck and so abandoned the Hyundai vehicle and tried to flee on foot.

An officer caught up with Bloomfield and detained him, finding a small amount of cannabis in his pocket and recovering the baton.

Bloomfield denied assaulting his mother, claiming he only pushed her in self-defence although he did admit taking her car and driving dangerously.

But, appearing before magistrates, last month, the 23-year-old defendant, of Briardene Way, Easington Colliery, admitted common assault, criminal damage, possessing an offensive weapon in public, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while disqualified, without insurance and cannabis possession.

Neil Bennett, mitigating, said Bloomfield knows his behaviour to his mother was “inexcusable”, while his driving was, “clearly reckless”, and it was only fortunate that no-one was injured.

Mr Bennett said Bloomfield began taking cannabis at the age of 20 and it led to him losing his job as an hgv mechanic.

He increased his drug misuse to ease pain after suffering an attack shortly before Christmas but has now been referred by his GP to drug services and still retains the support of his family.

Judge Singh imposed prison sentences totalling 16 months and banned Bloomfield from driving for three years and eight months.