A DRUG dealer who police said brought “misery” to the people of his home town has been relieved of £3,020 under a proceeds of crime determination.

Anthony Parkin was jailed for a total of 94 months at Durham Crown Court, in December.

He was arrested after police executed a search warrant at his home in Annfield Plain, Stanley, on July 8, last year.

The court heard that during the search officers recovered 413g of heroin from a secure outhouse, plus lesser amounts of cocaine and cannabis, as well as firearms ammunition and pepper spray.

Thirty-seven-year-old Parkin, of Frosterley Gardens, admitted possessing the heroin with intent to supply.

But he claimed he was merely “warehousing” the class A drug on behalf of others with whom he had an outstanding debt.

Sam Faulks, prosecuting, said following a review of the evidence: “The reality is that we are left with the broad assertion he was involved over and above being a warehouseman.”

The court was told police recovered 73 grip-seal bags near to the cannabis, which was found on scales, while the defendant was unable to reveal the PIN number for a phone seized during the search, claiming it was relatively new and he had yet to remember it accurately.

He also claimed paracetamol powder, used as a mixing agent in heroin deals, which was also found in the outhouse, was left by the same people who brought the drugs.

Asked if he gained any financial benefit by holding onto the drugs, Parkin said the longer he stored them, the “flatter” his level of debt became.

Following a trial of issue, Judge James Adkin found against the defendant’s account as to why he had such a level of heroin in his outhouse.

Parkin was also dealt with for possessing cocaine and cannabis, possessing ammunition without a firearms certificate and possessing a prohibited weapon, pepper spray, which he admitted.

Apart from passing a total sentence of seven years and ten months, Judge Adkin also agreed to set in motion crime proceeds proceedings to ascertain what money or possessions could be confiscated from the defendant.

During a short hearing back at the court, sitting temporarily at Newcastle, Jonathan Walker, prosecuting, and Tony Davis, for Parkin, agreed his estimated benefit was £13,464, but his only available assets were £3,020, seized by police during the original search.

Judge Adkin agreed to the confiscation of the £3,020.

Durham Police said the warrant for the original search was carried due to intelligence received from the community and formed part of the force’s Operation Sentinel anti-crime crackdown.