IN the space of about half an hour, the Prime Minister tonight trashed the entire public health message his Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is based upon.

Boris Johnson put on a performance of breathtaking arrogance, evading and dismissing questions about the behaviour of Dominic Cummings, seeming to think that people were confused about why he and his wife travelled from London to Durham with their young son when she became ill.

People are not confused, they are angry. Angry at why they have spent the last two months separated from friends and family. Angry at the loneliness and anxiety. Angry for all those who have been apart from loved ones in their final hours.

But above all angry because we thought we were all in this together, all abiding by the stay at home message for the greater good.

It turns out that some are more equal than others, and in standing by Mr Cummings, the Prime Minister prioritised his adviser over the wellbeing of the people he was elected to lead.