THIS fish pictured is a huge wild brown trout that a Teesside man caught while fishing on Wednesday (May 20).

Chris Gaines from Ingleby Barwick caught the trout on the Upper Tees river, on a dry fly while fly fishing.

Chris, 32, weighed the fish and it came in at a whopping 5lb 12oz.

Zachary Gaines, Chris's dad, said: "Chris was out fishing yesterday and has caught what is thought to be the biggest wild Brown Trout ever on the river Tees."

Chris returned the fish into the water.

He is apart of the Stockton Anglers Club.

Chris said: "I spoke to our secretary - he's been the secretary since 1972 and he said he's never seen a trout caught that big."

Chris and Zachary, who is from Stockton, usually fish regularly, however have not been able to get out into the water due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Chris said: "We've been out three times since we've been allowed. Before the lockdown we went out quite often - when it was normal life."