BIG-HEARTED dad Peter Hinton has climbed the height of Everest – while baby-sitting his 10-months-old daughter.

Peter, 34, embarked on the epic lockdown expedition with baby Lizzy to give his wife a break and raise money for Butterwick Hospice Care.

Over 21 days, his mission covered 44,240 stairs, adding up to 8,848 metres – the equivalent of the world’s highest mountain.

Peter, who lives in Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, not only had to contend with the daily climb taking a toll on his knees, but the additional challenge of having to sing to Lizzy.

He also had to cope with the occasional tantrum and splurge of baby sick, as she nestled against his chest in a baby harness.

“It wasn’t easy but it’s all for an amazing cause and something Lizzy and I will be talking about for years to come,” said Peter, who is checking to see if his achievement is a world record.

It started with Peter deciding to give his wife, Amy, a break while also keeping fit during the lockdown by exercising up and down the stairs, with Lizzy in the harness.

“I’m working from home and Amy’s on maternity leave so it was a way of killing two birds with one stone, but after a couple of days we started talking about turning it into a fundraising challenge,” said Peter, who is self-employed in digital design and marketing.

“I do a lot of cardio and thought the height of Everest was achievable – what I didn’t realise was how hard it is on the knees, and how difficult it is to keep a baby entertained.”

As well as singing, he used audio books to distract Lizzy while covering the height of the Empire State Building every day.

Amy’s mum works at Butterwick Hospice Care and Peter became a trustee of the charity two years ago.

“What the Butterwick does is incredible. All the feedback I get is about how hard the staff work, and what an amazing job they do,” said Peter.

“I’m very aware of the strain hospices are under during the coronavirus crisis so it was a way of doing something daft while raising money for them at the same time.”

Debbie Jones, Chief Executive of Butterwick Hospice Care, said: “We are so grateful to people like Peter for coming up with the most wonderful ways of supporting us in these challenging times. Every pound donated helps us maintain services that are making a huge difference to our communities.”

Peter is now challenging others to take on a challenge for the Butterwick. So far, he's raised £460 – to make a donation, go to