AN ARTIST with North East roots has teamed up with projectionists from around the world to create art installations with heart.

Ian Berry, based in London but has fond memories of visiting his grandmother in Easington as a child, has created an applause animation to honour NHS and care workers.

Mr Berry is known worldwide for his art in denim and it is with this material in which he made them, fitting a health care blue.

And it was his son, Elliot, six, who inspired the idea.

Mr Berry said: "It was Elliot who took the photo of his hands as he was being home schooled.

"I sent it as like a greeting card to say thank to some friends in the health service, many who had been sick. While watching a film on a projector, Elliott asked if we could we put the clapping on there – ans soon we were beaming it off the balcony and an idea was born."

After teaming up with North-East based projectionist Andrew Hall, the projections have been displayed on landmarks around the North East, including on Middlesbrough's MIMA and Bottle of Notes. Durham, Newcastle and Easington have also been lit up.

The pieces of art animated are now showing up on cities all over the world, from Newcastle to New York.

They are also lighting up the length and breadth of the country, from John o’ Groats and Edinburgh Castle and Glasgow in the North to Portsmouth in the South, with a series of networks of projectionists – like Andrew Hall – who has many friends and clients around the country.

The Batman-like beam has also been spotted in East London where Mr Berry now lives and works from his studio.

He said: "I was moved by the clapping, at 8pm on Thursdays, and Elliot can't wait for Thursdays to come.

"He always asks: "Is it Thursday yet?" He's always out there a few minutes before 8pm and starts all the neighbours off with the clapping.

"He was excited to see how far the projection has travelled too – especially when it lit up Easington as I have told him many times I would take him there one day. I still have relatives in the area, and it is a special place for me."