TWIDDLE muffs, blankets and teddies are among the woollen gifts given to a Middlesbrough care home by a knitting initiative.

Knit for Peace UK donated two large boxes of items, which also included balls of wool and knitting needles, to The Gables Care Home, on Highfield Road.

The Charities Advisory Trust initiative has been sending yarn and needles to care homes during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide fun and therapeutic benefits to residents.

Those at The Gables Care Home have been enjoying the twiddle muffs – a knitted handwarmer with accessories such as ribbons and buttons sewn on to them, which help to calm those with dementia by keeping their hands and minds occupied.

The blankets have also proved popular, as well as the teddies, and now residents are planning on setting up their own knitting club to make use of the wool and needles.