A TRIPLE award-winning film producer is making plans for the return of horror character The Rag Dolly.

Dean Midas Maynard has spoken to all the cast and crew to get them back on board.

Social distancing will be adhered to once filming takes place after the green light has been given and restriction are eased further. Shooting will take place in Willington.

Mr Maynard said: “The script is complete, the actors are all ready to safely return. I am just waiting for the green light to start filming.”

Some scenes may have to be shot at a later date, but Mr Maynard is hoping to get the film finished by the end of July.

Mr Maynard added: “Rag Dolly and Valentines Eve have really helped me cope during lockdown; they have kept me occupied.

“The lockdown is a great time for people to focus on new skills and I am thankful I have these characters to write about.”

This will be the second Rag Dolly film and the third out of a four-part series featuring the Rag Dolly and Valentine’s Eve characters.

In October 2019 he released the acclaimed short film, The Rag Dolly Returns followed by Valentine’s Eve in February 2020. The two shorts are part of a four-film franchise. Valentine’s Eve was also recently officially selected for an online American film festival and Mr Maynard is entering it into the Cannes film festival in September.

Previously Mr Maynard co-produced and acted in 2014’s ‘The Legend of the Chained Oak’. The film won best horror short awards at The Bram Stoker Festival, Portobello Festival and Stoke Your Fires and was shortlisted at numerous other festivals around the world. It has also been shown at numerous Horror Con events around the UK.

Mr Maynard would also like to thank Sam Haynes who word on the musical score for the film. He said: “We are so lucky to have him on board, its down to the sound effects that really make these films.”