A FORMER football fans' group treasurer has had a bench gifted to her after her cancer battle.

Connie Wailes and her partner Fred live in Newfield new Spennymoor.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown they have had to isolate themselves, however get food parcels from charities that come to the village.

One of those charities that was delivering food parcels, was Bringing Back a Smile, a Spennymoor charity aiming to help people in the region through hard times.

On one of the deliveries it was noted that the bench outside Mrs Wailes' house was a little worse for wear.

Kevin Hill, founder of the charity, said: “I spoke to her neighbour David, and the charity and we got together to get her a new bench.

“Steve from Cornerstone in Willington contacted me, he wanted to donate to the charity and he had the bench for us to use.

"She deserves it for the fight she has put up and still putting up with. She was in total shock when we delivered it and couldn’t thank us enough.

"She was really, really over the moon, it is just the right height for her and wanted to offer us money for it but we are a charity its all in a days work for us.

"This was her day and I am sure she is sitting there now with a cup of tea enjoying the bench in the good weather."

The charity has never had a sponsor but this year has managed to secure a sponsorship from Wealth of Advice on the Belmont Industrial estate in Durham.

Mrs Wailes, used to be the treasurer of Spennymoor football fans club, but had to quit her role due to ill health. Mrs Wailes said: “We are very very surprised, the bench in exceptional quality and we are delighted to be the recipient, we were not expecting it at all.

“The charity do a wonderful job and I am so pleased.”