A JUDGE fulfilled the pledge given by a predecessor over the sentencing of a defendant for injuring a young man outside his home, causing dental injuries.

Carl Heath emerged from his house, in Tow Law, after his door was kicked at night, on August 18, 2018.

Durham Crown Court heard he pushed a young man outside his home using a metal cylindrical object, causing the victim to land awkwardly, damaging his teeth.

Having later received a visit from the victim’s father, Heath emerged with a large knife making threats on the main road through Tow Law, causing motorists to veer out of the way.

Heath, 27, of High Street, admitted assault and affray.

His barrister, Martin Towers, told the hearing: “In short, he has overreacted to an incident of anti-social behaviour, trouble which came to his door.”

Judge Christopher Prince, the Honorary Judicial Recorder of Durham at the time, agreed to defer sentence for six months, at last October’s hearing.

He advised Heath to remain out of trouble and to save to pay compensation for his victim for the cost of repairs to his damaged teeth.

When the case came back for deferred sentence, before the court, sitting at Newcastle, Judge Prince’s successor as Durham’s honorary recorder remained faithful to his predecessor’s pledge.

Judge James Adkin passed an 18-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, , and ordered Heath to pay £3,000 compensation, plus £149 statutory surcharge.