A BANNED motorist’s prolonged high-speed hazardous driving during a two-part police pursuit, while under the influence of cocaine, has earned him an 18-month prison sentence.

The lengthy chase of the stolen Ford Fiesta, with Callum David Robson at the wheel, only came to a halt when, with only three tyres intact, it ploughed into a barrier while being driven in the wrong direction on the A19.

Durham Crown Court, sitting at Newcastle, heard that the Fiesta was reported stolen in the Manchester area, in November.

Umza Khan, prosecuting, said it was sighted on the A19 in County Durham at 9.15am on January 26, by then sporting a cloned number plate

Police began to follow as it travelled at up to 80-miles per hour on the B1280 in wet conditions, speeding up approaching the A19 flyover.

Entering the A179 the pursuing police activated blue lights and sirens, but Robson accelerated to 120-mph, while overtaking other vehicles, crossing solid lines onto the opposite carriageway.

Robson made a sudden turn off the A179 onto a residential street, where it mounted a grass verge and collided with the police car.

Miss Khan said the Fiesta remained unobserved until about 7.25pm, when it was spotted by officers in a police helicopter, while travelling at 85-mph on a 40-limit road.

Eventually it drove over a ‘stinger’ device laid by police, causing a tyre to deflate.

But it did not deter Robson who continued to drive at high speed, before turning onto the southbound carriageway of the A19, driving northbound.

The following police vehicles dropped back due to the danger, and one of the patrol cars was almost struck when the deflated tyre flew off the Fiesta.

Having collided with a barrier, Robson and his passenger abandoned the Fiesta and fled on foot.

Miss Khan said with the help of the helicopter, Robson and his passenger were spotted and arrested at 9.45pm.

Robson gave a positive roadside test for drugs and a reading taken later at the police station recorded more than three-times the permitted level of cocaine in his system for driving.

The 22-year-old defendant, of Webb Avenue, Seaham, admitted dangerous driving, while disqualified, with excess drugs in his system, plus no insurance.

His 18 previous offences include motoring convictions, including failing to stop for police, last year.

Neil Bennett, mitigating, said Robson has a good work ethic and previously did ground work, but fell in among “negative influences”, taking, “some bad decisions along the way.”

Mr Bennett added it was fortunate no great damage was caused and no injury was inflicted.

Judge James Adkin said: “It’s difficult to conceive of many more worse cases of dangerous driving than this one.”

Jailing Robson, he also banned him from driving for three years and nine-months.