A MAN reported to be “kicking off” at his father’s home, in breach of a restraining order last month, has received a six-month prison sentence.

Durham Crown Court, sitting at Newcastle, was told Nathan Grant was welcome at the family home in Shotton Colliery, when behaving himself and not under the influence of drugs.

Jonathan Harley, prosecuting, said the order was issued in 2019 to prevent Grant returning to the house as it put him in breach of a prohibition forbidding him going within half-a-mile of the home of a neighbour where he started fires in a waste bin and empty dog kennel, which earned him a 16-month prison sentence, in 2016.

Despite subsequently moving home within the village, his parents still wanted an order in place due to his persistent pestering of them for drug money.

Mr Harley said at 4.40am on April 23 Grant’s father rang police as his son was at home, “kicking off”.

Officers located him in the front bedroom and arrested the defendant.

Grant, 30, of Maurice Cullen Close, admitted the latest breach of the order.

The court heard his 23 convictions for 30 offences, include past breaches of orders relating to both the ex-neighbour and his parents.

Martin Scarborough, mitigating, said “Basically he has been welcome at his parents’ house, but not when he’s under the influence of drugs.

“Their view was that they needed protection in case he was either under the influence or causing problems, as they were in their 70s.”

Mr Scarborough said Grant was released from prison following a previous breach, on April 14, nine days after the death of his mother.

Grant visited his father on April 23, initially not causing any trouble, but, after later buying and taking drugs, the problems arose.

Jailing him, Judge James Adkin also extended the restraining order, which was due to expire in July, by six months to next January.