AS the bank holiday weekend gets underway, Brits will no doubt be taking advantage of the extra day off to get into the DIY spirit with some forking out hundreds to spruce up their homes.

Around three in four (72 percent) of homeowners in the UK have or say they will be using their extra time during the coronavirus lockdown to make improvements small and large to their home.

But a recent study has found eight of the UKs most common do it yourself mishaps, with an eyeopening number of people admitting to accidentally hurting themselves or damaging something.

The most common DIY mishaps

- Becoming badly cut - More than one in ten (11%)

- Falling from a ladder - One in ten (10%)

- Electrocution - Almost one in ten (8%)

- Bursting a water pipe - Almost one in ten (8%)

- Causing a flood or leak - Almost one in ten (8%)

- Accidentally knocking a hole in either a wall/door/floor - almost one in ten (8%)

- Sustaining broken fingers, toes and body parts - more than one in fifteen (7%)

- Smashing a window - one in twenty (5%) 
The study also found more than half of homeowners (54%) had taken up painting fences or laying decking.

However, some 'DIY darers' said they were planning to take on mammoth tasks, with one in ten (10%) trying their hand at plastering or laying flooring.

While a further one in ten (9%) said they were attempting to fit a new kitchen or bathroom during lockdown.

What the experts are saying

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at Confused - who comissioned the study -, said: "As many of us have more time on our hands under lockdown, now seems like the perfect time to take on DIY projects around the house.

"But it’s important to consider when we should be notifying our insurer about the jobs we’re doing, so we don’t risk voiding our home insurance.

"Ideally, we should stick to jobs that we’re qualified for, as insurers might not pay out if something goes drastically wrong."