A STRAY cat found riddled with shotgun bullet shrapnel has found a happy ending.

The three-year-old cat, found in Skipton on Swale, was taken to the Blue Cross in Thirsk with a mystery limp.

He was taken to the vets and everyone was shocked when X-rays revealed the cat, nicknamed ‘Dennis’, was riddled with shotgun bullet shrapnel.

Amy Younger, operational supervisor at Blue Cross in Thirsk said: “When the vet told us they had discovered the cause of Dennis’s limp we couldn’t believe he had lived to tell the tale.

"We all thought he had maybe been involved in a car accident or something – not deliberately attacked like this."

Luckily, all the pieces of shrapnel had missed his vital organs, but Dennis has a permanent limp after one of the pieces fractured his femur.

Because it healed without proper treatment, he now has one leg shorter than the other. Thankfully he has now started a new life with a loving family in Tadcaster.