A CAFÉ is going above and beyond to ensure elderly and vulnerable people are not going hungry while the coronavirus lockdown continues.

The Hunger Hangout, in Leadgate, runs a delivery service, but is also using donated food to make meals for those who cannot afford to pay.

Anthony Wright, 40, from Annfield Plain, has run the café on Watling Street since last October.

Now he is doing between 100 and 150 deliveries on an evening for elderly people free of charge.

Mr Wright said: “I started off just helping one or two people because they could not get their pensions.

“From there it extended to maybe 50 or 60 and it is around 150 people now.

“It is just so they are getting fed.”

The food comes from donations from people within the community, Glenroyd House, in Consett, and has even helped families to celebrate children’s birthdays,

Mr Wright said he has recently received a grant of £10,000 from Durham County Council to help him with the work.

Mr Wright said: “What we are doing is just cooking the food and sending it out. We have been given a bouncy castle so have been sending that out for birthdays. We are looking after some families who have got nothing. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported us.”