DESIGN teachers at a North-East secondary school have made over 1,000 protective visors for NHS staff.

Sam Raine and Claire Wilds, who work at Park View School in Chester-le-Street, wanted to support people dealing with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

A post on the school’s social media about the visors initiated an overwhelming amount of requests.

A rota was set up and using a laser cutter along with stock material, visors were created each day and distributed to care homes, doctors surgeries, pharmacies, shops, hospitals and community care workers including district nurses.

Durham County Councillor Alison Batey contacted the school to request support for local key workers in Pelton.

Using their neighbourhood budgets, Councillors Batey, Colin Carr and Danny Wood, have supported Park View School to purchase a second laser cutter and more materials which will double the capacity to at least 100 visors being produced daily.

Headteacher Andy Finley said: “I am delighted that such a huge amount of goodwill has been shown in the area and I am pleased we can play our part.

“We will continue to make visors as long as they are needed.”

Cllr Batey said: “It is fantastic and a huge relief that Park View have risen to the challenge to provide PPE visors to our frontline workers.

“The councillors support is in direct response to concerns that were raised with me by those facing massive challenges to obtain the PPE they required to perform their roles safely.

“I’m not sure the staff involved at the school will ever fully know how grateful these key workers are and continue to be, for this support.

“I would personally like to say ‘thank you’ on behalf of the Pelton division councillors and the wider Chester-le-Street area.”